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Welcome to IKAP's website
Indigenous Knowledge and Peoples (IKAP) is a regional network ofIKAP Country Networks Visit the China Network Visit the Thailand Network Visit the Cambodia Network Visit the Vietnam Network Visit the Burma Network Visit Lao PDR network Indigenous communities throughout Mainland Montane Southeast Asia (MMSEA). Our primary goal is to protect, promote and enhance the practice of Indigenous knowledge in our varied communities. We do this by providing multi-faceted leadership and capacity development trainings; by creating space for exchange and the sharing of Indigenous knowledge; and by promoting self-defined Indigenous identity and positive representations of Indigenous Peoples (IPs). IKAP has national networks in six countries: Burma, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Southwest China, Thailand and Vietnam.

Learn more about IKAP's 2009-11Strategic Plans (pdf or Powerpoint), Future Plans and Current Actvities. View IKAP's schedule. Directions to IKAP Office. Download Indigenous Education project info sheet.

Our logo is the “Biluobo” or “Baigalan”. It is the cap worn by Bimo (the priest of Yi people in china) when he implements rituals. It is a symbol of superhuman strength of Bimo. It must choose one auspicious day when weave it. Because there is only one day is auspicious day, so a "Baiganlan” need at least half a year's time to finish. The inner part of "Baiganlan” is made by Bamboo and rattan, and with black felt blanket in outside.  "Baiganlan” just use during the three times of the fast. The biggest fast to be held one time 30 or 60 years. After the fast, adds one layer of the black felt blanket. The layer number appears the levels of Magic arts of Bimo.

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